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iPad eBook Publishing

iPad eBook Publishing

Books on iPad – Get it published, however you want it, whenever you want it!


The iPad has revolutionized the way books are read – reading has never been more delightful or pleasant! But what is very encouraging is that just as the readers are loving to read on Apples’ handy device, the authors of these books are also reaping the benefits. Wonder why? This is because Apple iBooks has opened up the gateways for them- enabling them to publish their books, not only for free but also own the rights to the publishing authority!




If you are, well, here’s some good news! You can sit back and rake in the moolah, while we tackle the difficult stuff for you- we will take care of the technical nitty-gritty, the know-how, etc. of publishing!


When one has a personalized, custom-made and specifically created content keeping in mind the exact requirements of the reader, then it is this content that will stand out from amongst the clutter. This is what we strive for at Abbacus. Our team members strive to ‘think out of the box’, not staying limited to monotonous, routine themed content. What results is a vibrant, effective and singularly outstanding content that is imbued with the essence of the readers’ requirements.


iBooks enables you to publish, and publish right! With a little help from us and support from iBooks you can gain access to thousands of eBook readers.




The substantial benefit that you can get by publishing your book on iPad is that it will not take ages to reach your target audience. The whole process is so fast that as soon as it arrives at iBookStore, you will be able to display it onto the bookshelves – all this, with just a few finger clicks!


Ibooks- MORE Ebooks FOR IPADS


For all those avid readers and bookworms out there, iBooks is a great boon. Now there is no need to wander through hordes and hordes of bookshelves to land on the book you want, the reading experience has been made much better, with Apple taking care of certain aspects of its eBook reader.



Through the iBook app readers can:


  • Browse through pages in portrait as well as landscape mode
  • Turn through pages just like it is done in real books
  • Get a double-page view
  • Get their favorite collection at one place
  • Buy and download books through iTunes accounts.


The iPad delivers numbers of features that were not seen in the earlier version of the eBooks in the market such as: Basic Features


    • Cover page
    • Table of Content
    • User-friendly Navigation
    • Jump to page no.
    • Zoom in/out
    • Bookmaking
    • Search


Advanced Features:


    • Font settings
    • Portrait/Landscape orientation
    • Turn pages with swipe or tap or pinch
    • Brightness adjustment
    • High resolution images
    • Place any amount of content in the book
    • Advanced search options
    • Give it a real book type look by doubling page facility on a screen


Armed with all of the above benefits and features we would love to help you publish your eBooks on the iPad through our iPad eBook Publishing Application Development service.


Virtual book reading has now been taken to new heights with the arrival of the iPad device and eBook publishing.


Using this all features mentioned at above, we helps you publish your eBooks on the iPad through our iPad eBook Publishing Application Development service.


Interested in getting your book published? Contact us to avail of our eBook publishing services for iPad – or simply, fill up the INSTANT QUOTE form on the top right hand side of the page, and get started! It’s as simple as that!

7 reasons why you will just HAVE to choose us!

  • In-house iPad Developer Team

    In-house iPad eBook developers and designers.

  • Bug-free Warranty

    6 months bug-free development warranty for all your projects.

  • Great Projects in our Portfolio

    Take a look at our clients in the official Newsletter or our Portfolio section.

  • Fast communication

    Guaranteed reply within one business day.

  • Speed to Market

    Our ability to accelerate timelines is unique, as we have an incredible team of developers trained on iPad & iOS.

  • Business Systems Integration Experience

    We understand eBook isn't a stand-alone entity for Authors, Publishers and Writers. eBook is digitalization of your business every part of your business.

  • We Understand Your Goals

    Before we plunge into the project, we work hard at understanding what your goals are.

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