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PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

We, at the Abbacus Technologies, believe and realize that the PHP web development solutions needs much specialization and skill to work. This involves both the development and the design all along with the maintenance of the applications made with language. PHP helps on the maintenance of the web applications that are used in production of the web pages.


With increase in many online customers & user database, many companies are now looking to tap ever increasing client base. PHP makes sure to protect the data as the customer interactions can happen over safe & secure network. We also help in bringing our clients the web development solutions that are designed to make speedy, robust, and fast loading apps.

Selecting Abbacus Technologies for the PHP web application development:

In the modern world, although you have the website, but it’s needed to get changed and developed or updated time to time, depending on needs & new tools and trends to get the optimum amount of the results from website.


We people at Abbacus Technologies, have ample experience of working in LAMP and we can help you out in the best possible way for your PHP Application Development. There are many different types of applications through which we can support your business to enhance, they are:


Web services & Web API development or integration process.


  • Custom Ecommerce Apps for modified shopping online, action and bids websites.
  • Custom App that helps you make the business, processes on internet and supporting your business.
  • CRM & CMS development.
  • Plug-ins & components development to improve your web application without even changing original form of application.
  • The web development for the different fields like, finance, travel, share and stocks, fashion, community, entertainment, affiliates network, restaurants and hotel etc.


What our hired web developers will do for you?


They will work with the multiple programs and systems that work on language of the PHP. They are available for round a clock support for different functions as well as continue to work till the new systems are smoothly running.


So what you are waiting for, hire our PHP developers now to develop and design your web site in PHP. Contact us now and get complete details of our services and offers.

7 reasons why you will just HAVE to choose us!

  • In-house PHP Team

    In-house PHP Web developers and designers.

  • Bug-free Warranty

    6 months bug-free development warranty for all your projects.

  • Great Projects in our Portfolio

    Take a look at our clients in the official Newsletter or our Portfolio section.

  • Fast communication

    Guaranteed reply within one business day.

  • Speed to Market

    Our ability to accelerate timelines is unique, as we have an incredible team of developers trained on PHP.

  • Business Systems Integration Experience

    We understand web presence isn't a stand-alone entity. It touches every part of your business.

  • We Understand Your Goals

    Before we plunge into the project, we work hard at understanding what your goals are.

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