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10 Reasons To Upgrade Your Website To Latest Drupal Version

10 Reasons To Upgrade Your Website To Latest Drupal Version

With the arrival of Drupal 8, you will step into the new version which includes lots of new features.

So, below are the 10 reasons for upgrading your website to the latest version.

Improved Theme Engine:

Theming engine is a path through which a theme interacts with the Drupal core and Drupal 8 has a brand new theming engine called ‘Twig’ which is PHP-based. It is flexible, fast and secure. With Twig it is easy to create beautiful and more functional Drupal websites.


drupal 8 logo inline CMYK 72



Enhanced Accessibility:

Drupal 8 provides an excellent support for industry standard accessibility technologies. It supports WAI-ARIA which makes it possible for the development of more accessible websites.

Configuration Manager:

Configuration management is at the file-system level making it easy to import and export the features which you have built. You can also keep a track of configuration changes by using a version-control system. The configuration data is stored in files differently from the site database.

Easy Authoring:

Drupal 8 has made the authoring simple by using WYSIWYG editor. This has given an exceptional control to the content editor.

Quick Edits:

Now, you will be able to edit text directly from the front-end of your site, all thanks to the “Quick Edits” module. It’s a backport of the Drupal 8 in-place editing for fields. It’s a faster way of editing the text.


Drupal 8 has a smoother multilingual feature. The admin interfaces have got a built-in translation providing you language-based views filtering and block visibility. Community-based updates are translated automatically.


Drupal’s explanatory text was always hidden under the “Help” link. Click and then take the tour. Pop-ups appear which explains how this all works. It is considered to be the most helpful feature of Drupal 8. It is user-friendly and making the CMS easier for everyone to understand.

JavaScript Automated Testing:

Automated Testing is now possible in Drupal 8;QA’ers can test the JavaScript front-end automatically. Further, it leads to less time consuming and also making continuous integration much easier. It saves a lot of time of the testing team.

Responsive Images:

Drupal 8 allows you to choose different styles for individual images. The various styles can be used for different device sizes. Moreover, all themes are responsive, thus it will reduce time and work.


Now, Views are available by default in Drupal 8 and admin can customize it easily. Site designers use this hitherto contributed module to get the output from galleries, maps, posts, tables, menus, graphs.

Hence, looking at the above-mentioned features we can say that upgrading to Drupal 8 will certainly prove to be beneficial.

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