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Mobile App Install Update by Facebook Ad Network

Mobile App Install Update by Facebook Ad Network

How to Use Holidays to Market & Install the Mobile Apps?

There is no doubt that holiday season truly happens to be among the best times to advertise mobile apps. This is mainly because of the fact that people receive some new mobile devices as gifts. If you are also looking to market your mobile app, then here we have got for you some creative and targeting options advertising the app for Facebook mobile app ads. Read on:

Reach and frequency

From this week, advertisers will be able to purchase Facebook mobile app ads that come with extremely anticipated reach as well as frequency. This lets the advertisers to increase the awareness about mobile app all the while controlling how frequently the ad would be seen. For instance, an advertiser can now set his mobile app ad campaign to reach say about 5 million people under a frequency cap that counts for three impressions on each person for a week. As both reach and frequency reforms for exclusive reach, this must only be used for the campaigns that have a brand awareness goal.

Video in News Feed

Right from creating awareness to conversion of a potential lead, marketers around the globe now know how strong appeal uploading a video on Facebook has. This is primarily because every video that's uploaded on Facebook gets shared by number of users thus increasing the reach. In the holiday season to follow, the video app ads are said to play automatically in the News Feed. Also, the advertisers will now even be able to buy the mobile app ads decked with a video creative via Power Editor.

Amazon Fire tablet targeting


The good news is that devices targeting Facebook now can even include the Amazon Fire tablets. Quite like targeting the Apple, Samsung and the HTC devices, mobile app ad marketers will now be able to reach out to audiences on the Fire tablets.

Holiday Mobile App Advertising: Five Important Tips to Consider

Locate new device owners: Smartphone sales so a considerable hike from the quarter in the last holiday season by 25 percent. New devices certainly call for new opportunities for installing the apps. App ad marketers can reach out to the new device owners by focusing on people who have used Facebook on their new device recently. You can find the targeting option under Behaviors during your ad creation.

Reach specific devices: If the app you have designed is optimized for particular devices, you can reach out to people using the newer device models like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 10 and Amazon Fire.

Optimize campaigns for business objective: In order to avail the most effective delivery for the mobile app install ads, you will have to choose “Optimize for installs.” For the app launches and other major updates, where broad awareness is the major goal, using Reach and Frequency buying would be beneficial.

Discover the top users of your app and look for their lookalike: In order to drive app installs, you will need to build a Custom Audience making use of the top 25% of users. Then you will have to build a Lookalike Audience based on it to figure out people who have similar characteristics.

Test different ad creatives, and video: New mobile devices get activated over the holiday time, it would be the best phase to test the new ad creatives. Test around five to ten new concepts so as to enhance the campaign delivery and accomplish campaign goals.

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