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The Secrete behind Designing a Successful Mobile App for Restaurant!

The Secrete behind Designing a Successful Mobile App for Restaurant!


Over the past few years, mobile technology has seen a tremendous growth. The dawn of smartphones has made things easily accessible to the users. Such is the power of mobile phones today that the technology is even playing a decisive role in boosting the economic scale of various industries. This is the reason, more and more industries are nowadays integrating mobile technology with their services. After sectors like banking, finance, sports, health and a few others, even the food industry is getting influenced by mobile technology.

If you happen to be in food business, and you are selling your food products without a suitable mobile app, then you are for sure risking your customer base. While customers these days are accessing all the needed information using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets; you just can't think of overruling the influence of mobile technology.

Let us here understand as to why you need a mobile app for your restaurant and how can you design a successful app?

How these Restaurant Mobile Apps Benefit

The mobile apps help you reach out to a wide number of customers and thereby help you build a strong base. Following are the properties that make mobile apps so beneficial for your business.

Customer-Centric: These apps are fully customer-centric and work as per the need and requirement of an individual. There's an app for everything and anything that can make one's everyday life simpler and less complicated.

Quick communication with customers: When you have your customers' contact details, nothing can sever as a better medium to connect with them. But when you have a smartphone app, calling, messaging, emailing as well as geo-locating can simply be done simultaneously with just one tap. And we guess, even the best of websites fail to provide such fast communication with customers.

Detailed user analytic and data: You get valuable statistical data that's generated from the mobile devices. Also, by getting to know how a customer is accessing his information, further helps you in determining future marketing ideas.

Direct impact on customer's buying decision: When you send targeted, compatible and well-timed promotional mails, and special offers using a mobile, it yields far better results than the bulk SMSes and e-newsletters.

Savvy brand image: Your brand image grows substantially when you have a well-designed, amenity-centric app providing the latest content. The exposure you get this way helps your app make a place on the tech and app review websites, thereby fetching in the attention of new customers.

Loyal Customer Base: With your mobile app responding to all your customers' possible queries and doubts, the trust factor is immensely strengthened that further helps your business in building a loyal customer base.

The above points make it pretty clear as to what you as a business might be losing on if you are devoid of the right mobile apps. Now that you are aware how these mobile apps help you in enhancing the business scale, let us now move on and know how you can make one that's successful and result-driven.

Designing Your Restaurant App: The Secret Recipe

Are you aiming at welcoming your guests to the cafe or restaurant via mobile and giving them a feel of your excellent service even before they step inside? Well, then you surely need this Secret Recipe that will help you design the most substantial and effective mobile app for your restaurant.

If you make use of the ingredients as shown in this recipe, you will surely win your customers' heart as they explore the restaurant industry via their smartphones. Here we go:

Delicious food photos:


Images work wonders. And when we talk about food, then far ahead of the taste, it will be the look and appeal of the food item that will attract a customer. Ensure that your app's menu page is loaded with some delicious food photos worth enough to strike the hunger in your customer.

Simple in-out shopping cart:


If your restaurant is into take-out or food delivery thing, then you will have to design the fastest as well as easiest way of ordering food via mobiles. Don’t just depend on offering a phone number as no one likes to deal with phone calls nowadays. Design an app that lets the customer to place the order in just one or two tap. The one-click shopping cart must be a prominent feature on your app so that it leads to a hassle free ordering by the customer.

The Favorites Lists:


Though food lovers always want to explore something new and different, but most of the time, they end up ordering the same dish. Well, you can surely make it easier for them to choose their favorite delicacy by offering them the Favorites Lists in your app.

Order History:


While making an online purchase, no one loves to enter the same details every time they land on the website. Your customers ordering food via mobile phones are also no different. Enabling your mobile app to recall customer's delivery address and other order history will surely make things less cumbersome and highly satisfying for the customers.

Secure & Easy Payment:


The more mode of payments you can offer to a customer, the better the result would be. Go for Google Wallet as well as PayPal. Also, people just get tired of entering their credit card details every time they make an order with you. Consider making a provision for some safe and secure payment mode and help your customer save their valuable time.

Order Tracking:


Once an order is made, the next troublesome task for a customer is to track the order. Include mapping in your restaurant app so that tracking the order so made becomes easier for the customers.

Exclusive Content:



Your customers will return back to you again only if they are made to feel valued. Therefore, you must make your app capable enough to provide exclusive content to the customers. Be it about a new promotional scheme, special offers, menu change or arrival of new item on the list, all such special information must reach to your customer.

Other Unique Features

  • Deciding customer’s location to show nearest restaurant of the chain
  • Offering useful tips on healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Built-in calorie counters
  • Make the app irreplaceable


Online world is all about visibility and being up-to-date with information technology. If you want to secure an edge over your competitors in the field and make for yourself a place that's difficult to occupy, you will have to design effective mobile apps that will build your restaurant's image and help you achieve your business goals!


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