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Thanks you and especially Nishant...and designers...this is very high quality product you have delivered with great effort and attention to meeting my needs...a totally superb service with a bunch of very friendly guys...I really look forward to working on future projects with you again.

Deepesh Tanna

To Abbacus Technologies,

As owner of a big heavy advanced and professional website I would like to thank Abbacus Technologies for a fantastic web design, graphic design, layout, functions and much more.

Our ways of communications has been superb, and extremely professional. Our communication has never failed.

The owner of Abbacus along with the project manager and his entire crew who was working for this website has just done a marvelous job.

Overall I am happy for the work done, and can highly recommend Abbacus Technologies To Whom It May Concern.

I look forward cooperating with the team for the future development and upgrades.

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Sohail Mirza

I give this Company two thumbs up. This is the second website company I have had the opportunity to work with from India in the last year and a half. The first company is not worth writing about, however this company has the professionalism and determination that is second to none. They get the job done and get it right. Great company and great people!.

Highly recommend to anyone who needs a working revenue generating website. Give them a call and get it done right the first time, at a very reasonable cost.

Kyle Fraser

I wish to thank you for a job well done. I am receiving so many compliments on the website design, the soothing colors you used, and how easy it is to use. You listened to my wishes, and delivered a website exactly to my expectations. You worked with me in every step of the way and I thank you for the great service you provided and how quickly you delivered.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others. I'll always be grateful to you because this website reflects my true artistic abilities.

Dipti Desai

I would like to thank you for all the work you have been doing for me up until now, you have created several web sites for me two of which I have to say are outstanding they are the two with the wish list sections.

Both these sites have been attempted by other very reputable UK companies at grater cost than yours but they have not been successful in doing quite what I have needed. I think this is mainly the fact you are a very patient person who takes the time to listen to his customers needs this is very important as it is extremely difficult for a customer to be able to say from the start exactly what it is they require as its only during the development that things are noticed and require changes.

I know that I for one am not the easiest of people to deal with and that there are times when I can be a pain this is down to the fact that I want everything to be just right however you have been extremely patient with me and that alone puts you above the rest.

I feel that now both site are pretty much complete and that they are as good and in some ways better than some of the sites that have been developed for the very large Jewellery companies that have very large budgets to spend on there sites

I would recommend you to any one who asks me who they can get to build them a site.

Once again please let me say that it is your patients and attention to you client's needs that puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

Please don't change your great.

Allan Sholem

This summer, my brother and I decided to embark on a new business venture and begin an Internet company. Obviously, the first thing we needed was a web site, but we didn't want an everyday, plain, site. We sought after something that would stand out, above the others.

We set out searching for a company to build our site. Our site would have to be interactive, user friendly, easy to navigate, yet powerful, and above the others in its field.

We found several companies in America who build nice sites, but none that stood out to us as much as Abbacus Technologies. Their sites are strong, and crisp, and have a great presence to them.

But most important to us, was their customer service. Over the last few months, I have been in constant contact with both Vish's. They are so easy to contact. I can call them via a U.S. phone number, or better yet, I can chat online with them. They are online every single day, and we chat often. Additionally, anytime I have emailed them, they have responded immediately. Our site is perfect, but as we test market it, we come up with some items we need to change. I have probably asked Vish to make 20 or 30 changes already and he has made each one, perfectly, and quickly, to our exact requests.

We couldn't be happier with the service, quality, and overall product we have received from Abbacus Technologies. We've been so happy we have already placed a down payment for a second web site.

Thank you Abbacus, you should really be proud of the work you do.

Steven Ellman

To those who are thinking about using Abbacus Technologies:

I started out using another Website team in India (Not Abbacus) to build my website It was a long and difficult process. My website is a very complex e-commerce website that not only has a large front end portion, but a very complex administrative portion. I took a long time to develop and I found myself frustrated by how often I needed to re-explain and show the original website team how to get things done. I also used some decent screenshot programs to help the process along. For you new website builders check out (it's free)

Anyway…from the start the other team didn't line things up, used strange colors, didn't match colors, and in general didn't keep a cohesive flow to the site. One of the toughest aspects was that they had a language barrier issue. They spoke English but the accent was often so heavy that it was very difficult to understand. I don't mean to insult anyone…but it can be a real issue with international trade.And they kept switching project managers on me. But with a lot of hard work the site was mostly finished and looked pretty good.

After final payment, it seemed the other Company became near impossible to get on the phone so that I could get site maintenance and add things to the site that it needed.

So I searched for a new Website Company to help me out with growing my site in the directions it needed to grow. I found Abbacus. I was immediately impressed with the Abbacus website itself. So, I called. I was put in touch with Vish and explained the problem and what I wanted. On our first phone call I could completely understand him. (A big deal actually) And he not only understood what I was after but offered up a few really good little tricks that could be employed and seemed really obvious solutions once I was told about them.(Finally some real thinkers! …rather than the drones I had been working with before.)

I found the pricing to be competitive and got started. Vish hooked me up with Pravin (My Project Manager) and I immediately liked him too. Pravin is easy to understand. He also understands the concepts of what I am after. He is very bright…quick at mathematical breakdowns and understands how to delineate pricing structures in relation to commission splits, sales procedures, residual profit streams, bonus structures, and how to help me integrate them into the site. Not only that, but they help me think of new ideas and then do a very good job of quickly integrating a new elements into the site. (Not small elements…big, heavy elements)

My website is a serious business …It is very important to me that it becomes a success.
But in finding Abbacus, I have also found that the development can be fun. It can be a playful interplay between you and your project managers, if they are smart and are truly able to help you along your path. It is a virtual world that we are working within…but behind it are the people. People who are willing to make a small joke here and there…

People who are professional enough to pay attention to the details…because they are interested in your puzzle and the challenge that it presents…

Thank you Abbacus Technologies.
Keep up the good work.

David Gordon

My name is Kathy Lawlor and I contacted Abbacus Technologies from India because I was interested in having my Website re-designed.

From the moment I commenced business with them,I found a fantastic service from start to finish.

I was kept updated on a weekly basic with progress report and links to see my newly designed website. Completion was on time and a few small problems were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend Abbacus to anyone looking to have work done or indeed setting up a new website,I am only sorry I didnt deal with them sooner,it would have saved me a lot of time and money.

I will be starting a marketing campaign to promote my website and of course Abbacus are getting the job to do this for my company.

Hope thats ok!

Kathy Lawlor

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